2 Cases Where New Dental Implants Changed People’s Lives

Dental implants have the power to restore crucial functions to those with missing teeth. Equally important is that dental implants can put a rest to the insecurities that come from living with missing teeth. Whatever your main reasons for looking into dental implants treatment, they can fully-restore your smile and provide benefits that change your life for the better. See how two patients had their lives changed through dental implants.

Mindy, 34, No Longer Afraid to Smile

Mindy grew up in a small town in Northeastern Florida and was always very family oriented. While holding down a part time job and finishing high school, Mindy became pregnant with her first child. Not raised with the best dental habits – Mindy had never been to a dentist – the increasing dental demands inherent in pregnancy led to deteriorated oral health for Mindy. When she became pregnant again at age 20, she ended up losing a tooth due to her pregnancy gingivitis.  

Throughout her adult life, Mindy continued to be a caring mother and hard worker at her part-time job. She had some friends and was reasonably confident, but one thing changed for Mindy when she lost her tooth: she no longer smiled with her mouth open. In picture after picture, you can see Mindy with her lips outstretched yet closed due to her insecurity over the missing tooth. She knew that a dental implant could fix it, but how could she afford that?

It wasn’t until Mindy’s 34th birthday that she got a surprise that would change her life forever. Tired of not seeing their beloved Mindy’s smile, her family – father, brother, sister, and husband – all pitched in to cover the cost of her dental implant. After going through the entire process, Mindy’s life had indeed been changed. But as her family saw her bright smile for the first time in years at their next gathering, they knew that every cent they gave Mindy was worth it.

Jack, 46, Able to Eat Steak Again

Growing up in Texas, Jack was a hard worker from a young age. Working on his uncle’s farm turned into working on several farms throughout his home town and before long, he was making good money for a high school student. As a teen, Jack always looked forward to visiting the restaurant his father owned for what he considered, “the best steak in the world.” He got a family discount there and it was Jack’s favorite meal in his favorite hometown eatery.

During his last summer working on farms before graduating, Jack encountered the most common accident that takes place on a farm – when turning into a soft patch of dirt, his tractor began to overturn. While many farmers die from this, Jack took the opportunity to jump off at the last second. While he saved his life, his jaw landed on a hard piece of irrigation pipe, knocking three of his teeth out.

Jack was a hard working man from a rural area, and he didn’t care that much about how his missing teeth affected his smile. What he did miss was the ability to eat his favorite steak from his dad’s restaurant. While Jack remained confident and in high spirits, he went for 18 years without being able to have his favorite food. When he finally invested in dental implants at age 46, it was a life-changer – He immediately called his dad to reserve a seat at the steakhouse.

Dr. Altschuler Can Find a Restoration that Works for You

There are numerous ways that missing teeth can impact your life. Whether the impact on your chewing ability is what drives you to pursue treatment or the damage to your smile or confidence, there is no bad reason to replace your missing teeth. At our dental office in Gainesville, Florida, Dr. Altshculer and his team can assess your specific condition and recommend the treatment that’s right for you. Contact us to see what we can do for you.