How Your Dental Implants Work

Our Gainesille, FL area patients know that osseointegration is the reason why their dental implants work so well. Our many current and prospective patients have seen the results we are capable of achieving using dental implants. These patients are amazed at the idea that dental implants can provide beautiful replacement teeth that function and feel just like their remaining natural teeth. This has lead to an increase in the amount of questions we get regarding how dental implants are able to pull this off. Well, the reason for this is a process called osseointegration. Today, Dr. Altschuler is blogging from Gainesville, FL to talk about how osseointegration works, revealing exactly what makes dental implants such a great treatment for missing teeth.

The Magic of Osseointegration

What is really amazing about the jawbone is the fact that it can naturally regenerate itself. In fact, it is by taking advantage of this process that dental implants are able to better anchor themselves to your jaw structure. It is this process specifically that is referred to by the term “osseointegration”. During the implant procedure, the implant fixture is placed in the empty spot left behind by your missing tooth. This placement triggers your jawbone’s natural healing ability. Once triggered, your jawbone will need three to six months of recovery time to complete.

Because dental implants are made from a biocompatible titanium alloy, your regenerated bone tissue will actually grow up along the surface of your dental implant, interacting with it as if it were a natural tooth root. The dental implant fixture is also covered in small holes and ridges, which your jawbone will proceed to thread itself through as it heals. As a result, your implant fixture will be pulled firmly into place and held there permanently by your jaw structure. It is thanks to this process that your dental implants will be able to provide the many benefits that they do.

The success of this process is the most important step in achieving the functional replacement teeth that you want. In order to make sure osseointegration occurs unimpeded, there are some steps you should take during the recovery period. For instance, you should avoid chewing with your healing dental implants, as undue pressure can result in the process failing. You should also avoid drinking liquids with a straw, because the suction can actually dislodge the blood clot keeping your implant safe from bacteria and debris. Lastly, avoid or, better yet, quit smoking. We advise you drop this habit because both tobacco and nicotine can increase your risks for oral infection.

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It is largely thanks to osseointegration that dental implants are able to provide such great replacement teeth for our patients. Thanks to osseointegration, your implants are held permanently in place, where they will be able to support your smile for a lifetime. And, they can accomplish this without any additional maintenance other than your normal brushing and flossing. If you would like to learn more about what osseointegration accomplishes for your dental implants, we encourage you to contact us and schedule a no-obligation consultation with dental implant provider, Dr. Altschuler, today. We hope to hear from you soon!