Want to Upgrade Your Smile this Summer? Here’s How We Can Help!

What was the last thing you did to benefit your smile? As the part of you that is seen by the most people on a daily basis, taking care of your smile is a vital component of staying fit and attractive. While some could benefit from a professional tooth whitening, others may be one restorative procedure away from completely revitalizing their smile. This summer while all the focus is on dieting and exercising to improve your body, consider whether you could use a treatment for upgrading your smile as well.

Striving for a Fit Body? Don’t Neglect Your Smile!

In preparation for summer, many people will put in extra time in the gym perfecting their bodies. But if the teeth are neglected causing you to flash a half-hearted smile, all that time in the weight room could be for nothing. To truly maximize your hard work in the gym, it’s imperative to show as much attention to your teeth that you do your muscles. Luckily, there are steps you can take today to enhance your smile.

Replace Your Missing Teeth

If you have even a single missing tooth, it could be greatly impacting your ability to smile. Left unchecked, this problem could cause worsening conditions for your confidence, health, and remaining teeth. If you’re done suffering through life with missing teeth, consider filling the gap with a dental implant. Not only will a dental implant prevent your bone from shrinking, but it will restore your ability to show a natural-looking smile to the world.

Make Your Natural Teeth Brighter

If you’re one of the millions of coffee or wine drinkers in the world, then stained teeth may be an unfortunate reality for you. While the causes of stained teeth are many, the treatment involves using a whitening product either in the office or at home. Teeth-whitening products include everything from toothpaste and strips to gels and applicators. With such an easy solution to stained teeth, consider whitening your smile a few shades this summer.

Enhance the Alignment of Your Teeth

A smile with one or two crooked teeth can be endearing, but any more than that and real problems can arise. Fortunately, methods for realigning the teeth are readily available. Whether you prefer the reliable classic of metal braces or the newer, less conspicuous Invisalign, numerous treatments are known to safely and effectively restore a symmetrical smile. Talk to our Gainesville cosmetic dentist today to find out more.

Let Dr. Altschuler Restore Your Smile to its Former Glory

If you care about getting fit for the summer, remember that it’s equally important to have a bright, confident smile. While attaining the perfect body is up to you, we can provide the help you need to take your smile to the next level. At Altschuler Periodontic & Implant Center in Gainesville, our friendly staff loves seeing patients leave our office with confidence. Find out what we can do for you today!