Dental Implant Benefits

Many patients in Gainesville, FL have flocked to dental implants as their go-to tooth replacement treatment, thanks to the countless benefits they have to offer. At Altschuler Periodontic and Implant Center, we strive to help our patients discover dental implants, as well as ensure that their dental implants are successful and leaving them happy and healthy.

Tooth Loss and Osseointegration

When a tooth is lost, it can have adverse effects on the overall health of your teeth. With such a vital piece missing, the underlying jawbone can find it difficult to heal from the damage. This also puts you at a higher risk for infection with such a vulnerable area exposed. As the space remains void, the bone underneath could weaken, leading to facial collapse. This is what causes the cheeks to sink into the face, which can be typically found on patients with one or more missing teeth.

One of the crucial benefits of dental implants is a process known as osseointegration. When the implant is embedded into the bone where the missing tooth once was, the bone bonds with the implant. It triggers regenerations and the bone weaves fibers around the implant, accepting it as a viable artificial tooth. This not only helps to heal the affected area, but also serves to keep the bond strong for when the prosthetic tooth is placed.

Dental Implants and First Impressions

Dental implants are also known to be one of the most natural-looking tooth replacement options, thanks to their craftsmanship and ability to be customizable. Typically made of porcelain, they can be stained and shaped to match the rest of your teeth in color, size, and more. Thanks to this unique ability, dental implants have provided seamless smiles for many patients in the Gainesville, FL area.

Studies have shown people with a complete set of teeth are looked upon more favorably than those missing one or more teeth. Thanks to dental implants, you can fill that gap in your smile with a healthy, durable solution and tackle that first date with someone new, a job interview, or your next family get-together with the in-laws. By providing a healthy alternative that can be personalized to your smile, close friends and family won’t be able to tell the artificial tooth from your real ones.

The Functionality of Dental Implants

When it comes to dentures and dental bridges, studies have shown that patients utilizing these tooth replacement options experienced a significant decrease in bite strength – about half of their usual bite strength. With dental implants, there’s no sacrificing your bite strength – your implant works alongside your natural teeth, enabling you to continue consuming the food you’re used to without changing your diet or the way you prepare your food.

When it comes to care and maintenance, the answer is easy. Unlike dentures that need daily removal and scrubbing, dental implants can be treated like your regular teeth. You can clean your implants with your usual daily oral regimen – toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, etc. If Dr. Altschuler has instructed you on specific details about implant maintenance, please adhere to his advice and contact us if you have any questions.

Learn About More Benefits of Dental Implants

If you’re missing one or more teeth and are seeking an alternative solution, look to dental implants through Altschuler Periodontic and Implant Center. Thanks to Dr. Altschuler’s years of experience and specialization in the implantology field, you can rest assured that your oral health is in good hands. We’ll work with you to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your dental implant and any other procedures that you choose with us. Contact us today to ask any questions you may have or schedule a consultation with Dr. Altschuler.