Gainesville Small Business Spotlight: Cairo Grille

Egyptian food in Gainesville, FLWhen it comes to grabbing a bite to eat here in Gainesville, FL, you have plenty of choices to choose from. From burgers to pizza, there’s no shortage of great eateries in our area. For a unique option, however, you won’t find anything quite as special as Cairo Grille. This spot brings tastes of Egypt to locals here in our community. You’ll find mouth-watering Egyptian dishes that are perfectly made using fresh ingredients. In the spirit of community pride, we wanted to take a break from our typical oral health and dental implant blogs to get back to our small business series, a blog series dedicated to highlighting the best and brightest local businesses in Gainesville. If you’re looking for something different than your typical lunch spot, try out the delicious options served up at Cairo Grille. To explain more about this local eatery, dental implant provider, Dr. Gary Altschuler spotlights Cairo Grille. Follow along to learn more about this Egyptian restaurant.

Authentic Egyptian Cuisine at Cairo Grille

Affordable and unique are the two best ways to describe the local eatery, Cairo Grille. You’ll find Cairo Grille located at 2410 NW 43rd Street, which is tucked away behind Garden Gate Nursery. Although this eatery can be easy to miss, you won’t want to miss out on all of the delicious, flavorful dishes offered up here. From the outside, Cairo Grille is a charming lunch spot that is located in a quaint blue building. The outside also features a bright blue sign and plenty of patio seating.

Walking into the restaurant, you’ll notice that the environment is immediately warm and welcoming. The staff will immediately greet you and have you seated in no time. Even going into Cairo Grille during busy lunch times is a pleasant experience because the staff is so friendly and dedicated to amazing customer service. The environment inside Cairo Grille is spacious and clean, with large windows bringing in natural light. The light blue walls and cheerful atmosphere contribute to the overall pleasant nature of this eatery.

The food at Cairo Grille definitely lives up to the hype. It can be pretty difficult to find a restaurant that stays true to the unique roots of Egyptian cuisine, but this local restaurant pulls it off perfectly. On top of the delicious dishes, their prices are gentle with your wallet. Everything at Cairo Grille is reasonably priced and their portions are quite large for what you’re paying for.

Whether you’re already a fan of Egyptian food or a newbie trying out this cuisine for the first time, the menu at this local grill will be sure to impress you. The menu offers an eclectic range of options, which even includes plenty of choices for vegetarians. If you want to start off your meal with an appetizer, Cairo Grille has choices like fried eggplant, hummus, stuffed grape leaves, foule medamis, and more. Their hummus has become a particular favorite for many locals because of its rich flavor and unique taste.

For your main entree, Cairo Grille certainly won’t disappoint! They have different plate options, which includes their kabob combination plate or the vegetarian combination plate. Other dishes include their falafel sandwich, kefta kabob, golache, chicken kabob, kochari, and shish kabob. They have also recently added a kids menu, which makes this the perfect restaurant to try out with your entire family. To wrap up your meal, try one of their freshly made desserts. Some of their dessert options include baklava, date balls, and Moroccan lemon cake.

Overall, this local eatery offers unique Egyptian dishes with plenty of flavors. For more information on this Egyptian restaurant, visit the Cairo Grille website.

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