Gainesville Small Business Spotlight: Know Where Coffee

Coffee shop in Gainesville, FL Starting off your morning with a great cup of coffee is a great way to kick off the day on a positive note. We know that everyone has their own preferences when it comes to their daily fix of caffeine and that why we are so pleased to present Know Where Coffee, a locally-run coffee shop with some of the best coffee in town. Going along with our small business spotlight blog series, Dr. Gary Altschuler is always excited to share another great business that makes a difference in the community. What’s even better than enjoying a perfectly crafted cup of joe? Supporting small businesses and the locally economy while doing so! Dental implant provider, Dr. Altschuler gives a brief overview of Know Where Coffee for his coffee-loving readers right here in Gainesville, FL.

High-Quality Brewing at Know Where Coffee

Other than just the clever name, Know Where Coffee has plenty of interesting aspects that set it apart from your average coffee shop. You’ll find this charming coffee shop at 1226 W University Avenue, right across the way from Schwinn Shop. With some cozy seating out front and a sign with the slogan, “choose your brew,” customers can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee that is truly tailored to their tastes and preferences. The inside of the quaint coffee shop is small, but it is the perfect intimate atmosphere to catch up with friends, read a book, or finish up work or school work.

If the atmosphere of this charming coffee shop won’t win you over, the excellent customer service and friendly faces behind the counter will. The setup of the coffee shop is pretty open, allowing customers to see their drinks being made right then and there. The baristas are more than happy to explain the type of coffee and teas offered at Know Where Coffee, and even explain the different brewing methods they use to create your custom cup of coffee. If you’re unsure about what to order, simply ask the knowledgeable staff and they can give you great recommendations based on your tastes.

While coffee shops may seem like a dime a dozen, Know Where Coffee differentiates itself from corporate coffee shops and run-of-the-mill cafes with their rotating menu. They regularly switch out the coffees offered in order to bring customers the highest quality choices from different coffee roasters. Right now they’re offering coffee choices like Guji Sidma, an Ethiopian coffee and Finca La Amistad, a coffee from Nicaragua. The different brewing methods offered at Know Where Coffee will also affect the taste of the coffee you choose. Some of the brewing methods include chemex, which uses a thick paper filter with a class decanter or an aeropress, which uses a design similar to the french press.

If you’re not a fan of coffee, Know Where Coffee also has a pretty impressive selection of teas to choose from as well. Depending on what you look for as far as taste and caffeine content, this cozy cafe has a range of black, green, herbal, and white teas. Some of your options include chamomile tea, which is an herbal tea, and bancha tea, which is a green tea. If you’re unsure about what tea to order, ask the friendly staff and they can assist you in picking out a tea that will match your preferences.

While we always love supporting local business, we find it even better when these businesses find ways to support the community too. Know Where Coffee is one of these particular businesses with their commitment to ethical practices and locally sourcing. They partner with roasters that follow ethical guidelines with their farmers to roast high-quality coffee. Know Where Coffee also has partnered with Beakery, a family-run business here in the community that uses local ingredients to provide delicious, fresh pastries.

Overall, Know Where Coffee offers something that will appeal to everyone and you can even discover some new favorites at this local gem.

Interested in learning about other great businesses here in Gainesville? Make sure to stay tuned for more upcoming reviews highlighting great small businesses in our community!