Gainesville Small Business Spotlight: Earth Pets

Girl and dogLike we mentioned in our previous post, Dr. Gary Altschuler is a proud proponent of small local businesses here in Gainesville. There are tons of local business in our community that are doing amazing things and contributing to the unique character of Gainesville. With that being said, we have another great business to spotlight for our dental implant patients. Now, we know how important your pets are to you and your family. In fact, most people consider their furry friends a member of their family, so it’s only natural you would want to get the highest quality products for them. That’s why Earth Pets is the a great choice for pet owners in the community. Follow along as Dr. Altschuler gives a brief overview of this local pet store.

Earth Pets Dedicated to High-Quality Pet Food & Supplies

You’ll find Earth Pets located at 404 NW 10th Avenue with a ton of options for pet food, special treats, and other various pet products. There are quite a few aspects of this business that differentiate it from the typical pet store. But before we get into that, let’s take a quick look at how this business first came to be. It began in the 1980s when Joy Drawdy and her friend and mentor, Guy Webster, began what would eventually become Gainesville Pet Rescue, Inc. The pair continued to successfully work with the group until they decided to open Earth Pets, a store focused on natural pet foods from ethical companies, in 2000. Since the opening of the store, more and more pet owners have chosen Earth Pets to purchase high-quality products.

So, what makes Earth Pets so unique in comparison to other pet stores? Earth Pets has a huge selection of natural and organic pet food. With such an impressive variety of food, you’ll be able to find something great for your pet whether you’re concerned about age, dietary intolerances, or nutritional density. You’ll find dry, canned, grain-free, non-GMO certified, and organic options to best suit the needs of your pet. They also have plenty of other pet products you may be looking for including vitamins, supplements, shampoo, grooming products, toys and more.

Customers that come into Earth Pets will also be pleased to find their kitten adoption nursery. Their nursery is open seven days a week for customers to come in to adopt a kitten or to just enjoy some relaxing kitten therapy. Earth Pet’s kitten nursery is home to several rescued cats and kittens looking for a permanent home. If you’d like to take a look at the cats currently at Earth Pets, visit their site here

This isn’t the only way that Earth Pets gives back to the community of Gainesville. They are also responsible for the first and only food truck for dogs in the area. With a restored vintage ice cream truck and a passion for spreading wholesome treats for dogs, the pet shop offers frozen yogurt, novelty snacks, gourmet entrees, and other treats for dogs in the community. You can contact Earth Pets if you’d like to find out more about their food truck for private dog-friendly events, fundraisers or parties. Wine lovers can also rejoice in the fact that Earth Pets also sells wines that come from dog-loving wineries that give back to shelters and rescue groups. They are currently selling a wine selection from Mutt Lynch Winery that donates a portion of their annual proceeds to animal rescue organizations.

Overall, this is a great pet store where you can get the best quality food, treats, and products for your furry friend. This pet store not only has a great selection of products and business ethics, but customer service is excellent as well. The staff is more than happy to help you find anything you may need or answer any questions you may have.

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