Gainesville Small Business Spotlight: Sweet Dreams of Gainesville, FL

ice cream in Gainesville, FLObviously we’ve spent a good amount of time on this blog discussing the importance of oral health. However, we have something a bit different for our readers today. Most dentists would say to avoid sugar intake for the sake of your oral health and while that’s true, we believe enjoying something sweet like ice cream is completely okay in moderation. Now, don’t take that as a sign to eat the gallon of ice cream in your freezer because an excess amount of sugar can still mean serious trouble for your pearly whites. Nevertheless, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying an ice cream cone every once in awhile.  Dental implant provider, Dr. Altschuler has actually recently found his new favorite ice cream shop and as a proud supporter of local businesses, he’d like to share his experience at Sweet Dreams of Gainesville, FL. Try not to drool as Dr. Altschuler gives you some background information on this ice cream shop and their delicious creations.

Sweet Treats at Sweet Dreams of Gainesville

Walking into Sweet Dreams of Gainesville I was immediately hit by the smell of chocolate and from there, I knew that this ice cream shop must definitely live up to the hype. The staff was incredibly friendly and let me try out a variety of flavors until I settled on just a classic chocolate ice cream cone. The old school ice cream parlor vibe of Sweet Dreams of Gainesville was matched with the wholesome taste of the ice cream. Turns out my taste buds weren’t lying because all of the ice cream, sorbet, and Italian ice are homemade. The ice cream isn’t the only thing homemade; They also make their waffle cones in-house.

Now, I’ve been to a few ice cream shops around town and Sweet Dreams of Gainesville is the stand-out winner for me. It’s particularly unique because the ice cream is homemade. They also try to use locally sourced products that can either come from a farmer’s markets or be picked straight from mother nature herself. Also as a side note, they offer flavors that have no added sugar or are dairy-free.

Sweet Dreams of Gainesville has also become locally famous for the unique flavors they offer. That’s right. They have so much more than just your standard vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate ice cream. They have unique flavors like black raspberry, salty caramel, and chocolate Mayan, just to name a few. However, they switch their flavors out so you’ll always have something new to try out. They’ve made over 500 flavors of ice cream since Sweet Dreams of Gainesville first opened up back in 2004. What’s even better is their special events that they host throughout the year. Events like chocolate night are sure to have ice cream-lovers flocking to their parlor. During this particular event, they have over 36 flavors of chocolate to choose from. Unique chocolate flavors like dark chocolate coffee, white chocolate macadamia cookie, and chocolate lavender have been featured at their past chocolate night events. For more information on upcoming events, visit their facebook page here.

For all my ice cream-loving patients out there, I highly recommend giving Sweet Dreams of Gainesville a shot!

And as always, keep an eye out for more reviews of local businesses on this blog.