3 Of The Worst Drinks For Your Teeth This Holiday Season

No matter what your plans are for the holiday season, most of us will be indulging in drinks during the festivities. While you may not think about it at the time, alcoholic beverages can actually be extremely damaging to your smile. Many of them have an extremely high sugar content and can cause dehydration. Dr. Altschuler understands that cutting out drinks all together is not realistic but by enjoying in moderation and staying away from those that are particularly harmful will benefit your oral health.

Worst Drinks For Your Teeth This Holiday Season

Enjoying cocktails at gatherings and parties this holiday season shouldn’t be detrimental for your smile. Along with maintaining a good oral hygiene routine, avoiding some of the worst drinks for your teeth will help make sure you get through the holiday season without damage to your smile. Scheduling a post holiday visit to your Gainesville dentist will also prevent damage to your teeth and gums. Some of the drinks to avoid for the good of your smile this holiday include:

Whiskey and Coke: This drink is bad for your teeth for two reasons: Coke has sugars and acids that are bad for teeth. Coupled with whiskey, which also has a high sugar content, this effect is even more pronounced.

Vodka and Cranberry Juice: While it might seem like a healthy choice, cranberry juice actually contains more sugar and acid than a soft drink like Coke. Combined with the drying effects of Vodka, this drink is really bad for your dental health.

Wines, Ciders, and Champagne: All of these drinks contain acids that make the mouth dry. The tannins can cause staining. Sweet wines contain a lot of sugars that are also bad for the teeth which can cause decay.

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Avoiding these drinks that are bad for your teeth this holiday can make sure your smile stays healthy and strong. Dr. Altschuler wants to make sure you have a safe and healthy holiday season, but if you are in need of restorative or gum disease treatment, contact us today for an appointment!