Conquering Dental Anxiety and Dental Phobia

Dental anxiety and phobia, prevents many people from seeking proper dental care when they need it. If you are one of these people, our Gainesville dentist understands and is dedicated to providing a calm and stress-free experience to every patient that walks into our office. While extensive dental treatments like implant procedures and gum disease treatment might be causing you to worry or feel anxious, you aren’t alone.

Between 5 and 8 percent of Americans refuse to seek care from a dental professional due to some degree of fear.

Milgrom also tells us that up to 20 percent of patients will only go to the dentist when the condition of their teeth forces them to.

The Difference Between Dental Anxiety and Dental Phobia

The symptoms of dental anxiety aren’t as intense as dental phobia, but both conditions can cause a patient to avoid getting necessary dental care. Dental anxiety produces “exaggerated or unfounded fears” about visiting a dentist.

Dental phobia can be so acute that it causes patients to feel “terrified or panic stricken” at the thought of going to the dentist.

How to Counteract Dental Anxiety and Dental Phobia

It takes a combined effort by both doctors and patients to effectively counteract the effects of dental anxiety. That’s why we aim to provide a warm and relaxed environment for all of our patients.

These strategies can help alleviate stress if you  may be suffering from dental anxiety or dental phobia:

  • We don’t criticize you for the condition of your teeth.
  • Use positive verbal reinforcement.
  • Speak in a soft and non threatening manner.
  • Don’t use aggressive body language.
  • Have a friendly meeting with you in our office before an appointment.
  • Allow for frequent breaks during treatment.
  • Inform you in advance about the type of treatment you will be receiving.

What Patients Can Do

There are approaches such as breathing exercises that patients can employ to reduce their level of anxiety. If you look up relaxation breathing techniques in a search engine, you will find several articles and videos like this one that can be very helpful.

Patients might also wish to seek out other methods or remaining calm during treatment. There are a variety of techniques that can help you have a better experience at the dentist including:

  • Sedation
  • Visualization
  • Breathing exercises

Your Friendly Gainesville Dentist

At Altschuler Periodontic and Implant Centre, we can help you enjoy a stress-free trip to the dentist. we provide a warm and gentle atmosphere for all our patients. So why not contact us to schedule your appointment today?