Keep a Dentist in Your Pocket with These 5 Dental Apps for Adults

From electric toothbrushes to x-rays, there are numerous ways that technology has enhanced the oral care process. One way that is easily overlooked is in the free apps that can be downloaded you’re your smartphone. Providing a wide range of dental knowledge, these apps can provide the oral care info you need exactly when you need it. Peruse these dental apps that provide a world of knowledge or motivation in the palm of your hand.

1.      Dental Coach App

Get your family and friends involved with the brushing experience with the Dental Coach app. Giving the users an option to make multiple profiles, the Dental Coach tracks your brushing progress on a calendar that checks off your days of successful oral care sessions. Providing the incentive to develop a consistent brushing habit, the Dental Coach app is useful for those who have a family to keep track of. Here are some of its most notable features:

  • Screen that aids the brushing process
  • A video that details brushing techniques
  • A spoken and written message that teaches oral hygiene
  • Monthly calendar to remind the user of important dates

2.      Dental Phobia App

If you feel anxiety about visiting the dentist, don’t worry. You’re not alone. In fact, 30 to 40 million people refuse to seek the dental care they need because of dental phobia. Fortunately, many tools are available for trying to manage the condition, including the Dental Phobia app. Using hypnosis as its main feature, the app specifically aims to put users in a tranquil mindset to prepare them for a dental visit.

Calming Your Dental Fears Through Hypnosis

The goal of the Dental Phobia app is to remove the negative fears that are keeping your phobia alive. Hypnosis is known to put users in a relaxed state, and many report that it significantly calms their negative feelings and anxiety. No matter your pre-conceived notions of hypnosis, it works for numerous people, so why not give it a shot?

3.      Brush DJ App

Few dental apps are as trendy, popular, or critically acclaimed as Brush DJ. A fun dental app for anyone who likes music, Brush DJ serves a dual purpose. Not only does it help you brush properly by using a 2-minute timer, but it also enhances the fun of brushing by playing randomly selected music from your phone. This simple combination has earned Brush DJ awards like the Best Dental Innovation Award in England. Try Brush DJ, and your tooth brushing experience will never be the same!

4.      Dental Desk App

A user-friendly dental info app, Dental Desk provides detailed explanations of tooth anatomy, dental ailments, and both home and clinical remedies for a wide range of conditions. To make the experience more approachable the Dental Desk app uses helpful images, many of which are labelled to show specific parts of the teeth and gums. For an app that provides all the dental information that you’re likely to need as a patient, give the Dental Desk app a shot.

5.      Dental Reference App

Ever heard dental terms you weren’t familiar with? The Dental Reference app can help you perfect your dental knowledge by providing definitions of any dental terms you may encounter. This is especially helpful if you’re battling a specific ailment and need to know all of the terms, symptoms, and treatments associated with it. The same applies to kids and loved ones who might also be battling certain conditions – The Dental Reference app serves as a database for any dental terminology you may need.

Let Dr. Altschuler Guide You to a Better Smile

However you stay motivated and knowledgeable of your oral care, brushing and flossing are just half of a complete dental care plan. To ensure that your teeth remain free of plaque and your gums devoid of gingivitis, it’s equally important to attend your scheduled dental appointments. Dr. Altschuler is highly experienced, and along with his friendly staff, he takes pride in restoring the smiles of patients in the Gainesville, Florida area. Contact our office today to make an appointment!