Taking Halloween Too Far – A Dental Horror Story

Americans will spend at least 2.3 Billion dollars on candy this Halloween. While one night of indulging in candy isn’t going to instantly cause cavities, there are ways to take your Halloween celebration so far that it jeopardizes your oral health. These two stories illustrate what happens when trick-or-treaters take their love of Halloween candy a little too far.

Ashley Celebrates Halloween ALL DAY LONG

As a 10-year-old growing up near Gainesville, Florida, Halloween was Ashley’s absolute favorite holiday. As the days drew closer, she could hardly wait to put on her Sailor Moon costume and see what candies her neighbors were going to hand out. When the morning finally came, her excitement reached its peak.

“It’s actually Halloween today! I can have all the candy I want!” Ashley thought to herself. Eager to begin the holiday she loved so much, she even snuck a bag of her mom’s Hershey’s miniatures into her lunchbox. This made for a fun treat at the bus stop, and after she got to school, her teachers handed out more candy for their students. Throughout the day, Ashley made it a point to eat nothing but candy.

Finally home by 4:00 in the afternoon, Ashley could hardly think about anything but trick-or-treating. In the hours before it got dark, she found more candy to hold her over. Of course, the candy she’d been munching on throughout the day was only the beginning because she came back a few hours later with a black garbage bag half full of more candy from her neighborhood. That night, she fell asleep amid a pile of empty wrappers, completely full of a day’s worth of candy.

When waking the next day, Ashley felt a little sensitivity in her teeth but nothing crazy enough to interrupt her life. It was three days later that the real pain started. After biting into an apple, Ashley screamed in pain. By bathing her teeth in sugar for the entire day of Halloween, Ashley had created the ideal condition for cavities to grow in her teeth. As she held her hand over her mouth as her mom drove her to the dentist, Ashley realized that there was such a thing as too much candy.

Moral of the Story – You Can’t Live On Candy!

Ashley learned the hard way that too much candy will rapidly take a toll on your smile. Although Halloween is the day when Americans eat the most candy, it’s better to set aside a few hours to indulge your sweet tooth and spend the rest of the day eating healthy. This way you get the best of both worlds: Enjoy Halloween to it’s fullest while still keeping your smile fresh, clean, and healthy.

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Celebrating all day is one way to overdo Halloween, but if you brush and floss thoroughly after you indulge, then your smile will be much healthier for it. Gum health affects your entire body, so if your teeth feel a bit off after Halloween, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Contact us today!