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Taking Halloween Too Far – A Dental Horror Story

Americans will spend at least 2.3 Billion dollars on candy this Halloween. While one night of indulging in candy isn’t going to instantly cause cavities, there are ways to take your Halloween celebration so far that it jeopardizes your oral health. These two stories illustrate what happens when trick-or-treaters take… Read More»https://dentalimplantsingainesville.com/oral-health/halloween-dental-horror-story/

2 Cases Where New Dental Implants Changed People’s Lives

Dental implants have the power to restore crucial functions to those with missing teeth. Equally important is that dental implants can put a rest to the insecurities that come from living with missing teeth. Whatever your main reasons for looking into dental implants treatment, they can fully-restore your smile and… Read More»https://dentalimplantsingainesville.com/dental-implants-news/2-cases-dental-implants-changed-peoples-lives/

Want to Upgrade Your Smile this Summer? Here’s How We Can Help!

What was the last thing you did to benefit your smile? As the part of you that is seen by the most people on a daily basis, taking care of your smile is a vital component of staying fit and attractive. While some could benefit from a professional tooth whitening,… Read More»https://dentalimplantsingainesville.com/dental-implants-news/upgrade-smile-summer-heres-help/