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Right Person For The Right Job- Exploring The 9 Dental Specialties

Choosing the right dentist is extremely important. You want to make sure your smile is in the right hands. Knowing the difference in the 9 different dental specialties is a key piece to making the right choice for you or your family. At Altschuler Periodontic and Implant Center, our Gainesville… Read More»https://dentalimplantsingainesville.com/oral-health/person-job-exploring-9-dental-specialties/

Keep a Dentist in Your Pocket with These 3 Dental Apps for Adults

From electric toothbrushes to x-rays, there are numerous ways that technology has enhanced the oral care process. One way that is easily overlooked is in the free apps that can be downloaded you’re your smartphone. Providing a wide range of dental knowledge, these apps can provide the oral care info… Read More»https://dentalimplantsingainesville.com/oral-health/dentist-pocket-3-dental-apps-adults/